What is this about?

HydroHeart focuses on subjects surrounding the hydrologic cycle – our planet’s heart!

While the rainforests are often referred to as our earth’s lungs, the hydrologic cycle and the water it carries plays a role just as vital. It constitutes the circulation of water within our biosphere – from evaporated droplets to the formation of clouds, and through rainfall back to rivers, lakes and seas. It is the origin of all life and supplies our soils and waters with nutrients – just like our hearts and the blood in our veins do.

We want to call attention to the fact that the hydrological cycle is connected and the risks and challenges that poses. A problem that manifests itself in an ocean might very well have its root cause hundreds of kilometers up a river – often across national borders. Think of it this way: we can take out as much garbage out of the oceans as we like; as long as we don’t drain the sources of the pollution at the shores and far up the rivers, the stream of trash will never end. Many problems we face today require a coordinated and holistic approach and we there would like to put more emphasis on that fact.

Our Vision

The challenges our waters face today are significant, but instead of focusing on the problems, let us shed a light on the good. There are plenty of great people and projects doing tremendous work already. All over the world, people commit themselves to the protection and conservation of our seas, rivers and waters. And we want in!

Instead of initiating our own projects, we want to support existing ones and provide them with a platform, thereby giving them the visibility they deserve and helping to make sure they have what they need to successfully do their job.

According to Giving USA 2018, The Annual Report on Philanthropy, a mere 3% ($11.83 billion) of all donations made in 2017 in the United States went towards the protection of the environment and animals. Considering the importance of the environment for us, this seems disproportionate.

Our vision is to help raise that number by making it easier to (micro-)donate towards specific projects and purposes through crowdfunding campaigns, thereby allowing donors to directly and visibly take part in the success of a project.

Our Mission

To bring our vision to life, we want to create a community of nature enthusiasts and supporters on our platform that we can mobilize on the project’s behalf.

To that end we want to…


  • Contribute to the awareness and discussion of current topics concerning our waters and its inhabitants by writing articles
  • Conduct interviews with researchers and experts


  • Put a spotlight on existing projects and initiatives by featuring them on our website
  • Create a register of projects and initiatives across the world
  • Create short documentaries, showing the work of existing projects and initiatives


  • Leverage our community to help raise funds for projects and initiatives through crowdfunding campaigns
Who are we?
We are two friends who are done waiting on the world to change…We sincerely believe that, instead of standing by, we must gather the courage to take on individual responsibility to what happens with us and our environment. Change starts with each and every one of us, whenever we’re ready to answer that inner call to action.

And we just answered ours.

Joël Zängerle

Joël Zängerle

Co-President & Founder

Ever since I can remember, I have had a deep respect for our oceans and especially sharks. The highlight of my childhood was Jacques Cousteau’s adventures on the Calypso. I still remember vividly, how I was sitting in front of the tv on the carpet every Sunday evening, watching the man with the red wool cap do what he did best – research and protect our oceans and the creatures living in it.

I eventually started to dive and got informed about the challenges our waters face today and with it emerged a strong desire to be part the conservation efforts. It was the late Rob Stewart with his documentary “Shark Water” who reignited the passion that Jacques Cousteau once sparked off and reminded me that it is up to each and every one of us to make a change. It deeply concerns me to see what humans do to our environment, the waters and the creatures living in it and wish to join the efforts to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Out of this deep desire to contribute, Hydroheart was founded. I hope to welcome you soon into our HydroHeart Family to join our efforts to support those researching and protecting our waters.

Christoph Häberlin

Christoph Häberlin


Hi there! My name is Christoph and gracias for your visit on our page.

I grew up in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, close to the Lake Constance. I really enjoy spending my spare time in and around waters –  be it swimming, snorkeling, diving or surfing. Over time I developed a keen interest in the relevance and importance of waters for our planet. I realized that there is plenty to do and that I want to contribute my part to the protection of the oceans. So we founded Hydroheart.

I am looking forward to present you our work and efforts. Please drop me a line in case you have questions, feedback or other suggestions.

I am very happy to connect.

Pavel Soukal

Pavel Soukal


Not much after I could walk, I started to swim and have enjoyed doing that ever since, be it in the lakes and rivers of Switzerland, beaches of Papua and Colombia, underground caverns on Timor or simply the local swimming pool. In other words, water has always fascinated me! Once I started to see the world, I explored the underwater realm by diving and discovered its vast beauty filled teeming with life.

Having seen many parts of this world, including some if its remote corners, has made me more conscious of the importance of water. When I returned to Switzerland, the most rewarding experience was drinking fresh water straight out of the tap – in the bathroom of the airport. Water is the only chemical compound that manages to distribute nutrients essential for life in a continuous and sustainable way. My goal is that we can make sure water does not only stay a source of life but that all beings get the quality of water we all love and cherish.

Hydroheart captured my interest immediately with its genuine, direct approach towards positive change, bringing together even the smallest conservation efforts with generous humans looking to enable change from near and afar.

This could be you!

This could be you!

Position: Whatever you can bring to the table!

We are looking for interested and dedicated people to further our cause. Whatever your skill is, we are sure we can use it! Nonetheless, we are especially looking for scientists and researchers, journalists, filmmakers, photographers, people experienced with marketing and communications, media editing, web designers, social media pros (insta, fb, youtube, etc.), or any other skill you think we should onboard! We do not care about degrees; students and other passionate people are welcomed just as much!

At this point – and this will not change for the foreseeable future – we are all working pro bono. We may however be able to pay for expenses so that you at least do not have to put up your own money. At this point, we are bootstrapping this platform.

Interested? Reach out to us!

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