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“We rebuild coral reefs. Sustainably. Scientifically. With artistic vision.”


Founded in 2020 by the interdisciplinary duo Marie Griesmar and Dr. Ulrike Pfreundt, rrreefs mixes science, arts, and technology to create self-sustaining artificial coral reefs designed with dual purpose – to serve as coastal protection barriers while initiating the growth of a healthy reef ecosystem. As passionate scuba-divers, Marie and Ulrike are committed to advance sustainable, scalable strategies to bring life back to threatened coral reefs.

To that end, rrreefs has developed a prototype to rebuild coral reefs: a 3D printed modular brick system. The lego-like architecture allows for customizable reef shapes that fit into the local environment. The surface structure of each brick helps baby corals settle and grow by giving them sheltered spaces to attach themselves to, get enough light, protection from predators, and not being choked by suspended sand. Our bricks are hollow, providing enough habitat for smaller fish, crabs, sea urchins, nudibranchs, and all the other critters that find shelter in reefs.

Supported by multiple partners around the globe, rrreefs has further coral reef regeneration studies planned in the Maldives, Kenia, and the Dominican Republic.

Rrreefs at a glance:

Locations: Zurich, Switzerland

Date of Foundation: 2020

Main Focus: 

  • Ecosystem restoration: protecting and restoring coral reefs
  • Science & research: data collection and scientific investigations
  • Art & education: raising awareness and providing coral reef education

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes

Homepage: https://www.rrreefs.com/

Contact: info@rrreefs.com

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