“Marine Conservation Institute is dedicated to securing permanent, strong protection for the oceans’ most important places – for us and future generations.”

Marine Conservation Institute

As a leader in the global movement to protect vast ocean areas, Marine Conservation Institute uses the latest science to identify important marine ecosystems and advocate for their protection. Their marine scientists and environmental-policy advocates are dedicated to saving ocean life for us and future generations. Founded in 1996, Marine Conservation Institute is a US-based nonprofit organization with offices in Seattle, near San Francisco and in Washington DC.

They work with scientists, politicians, government officials and other organizations to build workable solutions to pressing ocean issues. Their unique effectiveness comes from their vision, expertise and their willingness to partner with others. Since starting as the vision of one person in 1996, Marine Conservation Insitute has become a major player in the effort to save our blue planet.

Their priority is to help create an urgently-needed worldwide system of strongly protected areas—the Global Ocean Refuge System—as a strategic way to ensure the future diversity and abundance of marine life. To enhance marine protection efforts in the U.S. and around the globe, they also built and maintain the world’s most comprehensive online marine protected area database, the Atlas of Marine Protection.

They are an active member of the High Seas Alliance, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and National Ocean Protection Coalition, working to defend and advance marine protection at home and abroad. Their work in the California Seamounts Coalition leads efforts to protect vital deep-sea habitats off the California coast. This work builds on their decade-long efforts at conserving coral ecosystems. They also model deep-sea habitats and research their ecosystems to promote protection for these fragile, hard-to-find living treasures.

Marine Conservation Institute at a glance:

Locations: Seattle (WA) & Glen Ellen (CA), United States

Date of Foundation: 1990

Main Focus: 

  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Ecosystem Conservation
  • Research
  • Wildlife Protection

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes

Homepage: www.marine-conservation.org 

Contact: info@marine-conservation.org

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The Atlas of Marine Protection

The Atlas of Marine Protection is the foremost resource for global Marine Protected Area (MPAs) information. MPAtlas.org is a key platform around which conservation groups can organize strategic coalition planning, research and communication. The Atlas diligently assesses MPA efforts and publishes reports on the status of MPAs as nations strive to meet conservation goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

MPAtlas provides near-real time updates on new commitments by posting the location and other details described during announcements made at ocean conferences. No other tool shows what is proposed, what is awaiting actual implementation, and what is officially designated and enforced.

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