“Innoceana is a nonprofit organization that travels around the world using innovation to help our threatened oceans.”


Environmental problems are spread all over the world. Innoceana seeks to help through innovation, conservation and education, where it is most needed. This way they want to avoid having to go to museums in the future to see many of the species that inhabit our oceans today.

Their approach to success is via collaborative efforts involving everyone in society.  These efforts include a plethora of different things such as raising awareness, including and educating society, reducing the consumption of plastics and pollution by chemical residues, as well as carrying out sports practices in nature in a non-intrusive way.

Their involvements include water quality projects, study of currents, marine conservation and meteorological stations in Costa Rica (Isla del Coco and Isla del Caño), Thailand (Koh Tao) and Indonesia (Nusa Penida). Moreover, they are involved in a study for the realization of an underwater museum in Puerto Rico and a project of marine conservation and water quality in Spain (Tenerife). Head over to their website to find out more about these and upcoming projects.

INNOCEANA at a glance:


  • Costa Rica
  • Canary Islands, Spain
  • California

Date of Foundation: 2018

Main Focus: 

  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Ecosystem Conservation
  • Research
  • Wildlife Conservation

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes

Homepage: https://innoceana.org/

Contact: info@innoceana.org

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The tenerife project

In one of the best paradise for diving is where their most recent project is being carried out. The island of Tenerife (The Canary Islands, Spain) has an incredible and varied marine biodiversity, so they have chosen it to carry out their project about marine conservation. They carry out underwater expeditions to enjoy a different and enriching type of diving. They teach how to sample different groups of living beings, how they make their 3D models of corals, conduct quality studies of water and sample microplastics. Moreover, they are developing a project to protect the unique sebadales, making a georeferenced map of where they are located. Their goal is to disseminate this data through an application that will serve, among other things,as a guide for ships to avoid anchoring in these areas.

Marine enthusiasts who decide to take part and complete this challenging project awaits an endorsement as marine conservationist. Interested? Check out their Teaser below and look through their project page here.

The crystal floor project

To study the coral reefs INNOCEANA has gone one step further and started to take 3D images of reefs to assess their health and keep track of changes in the development of the corals. Have a look at how they accomplish this in the video below or check out some of their 3D Images here.


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