Coral Cay Conservation

Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) are a UK-based NGO that focus on the protection, management and restoration of coral reefs and their associated systems. They have been based in the Philippines for over 25 years and are undertaking their current project, The Southern Leyte Coral Reef Conservation Project (LRCP), since 2002. Research teams composed of international volunteer divers, CCC staff, independent researchers and local Filipino scholars work alongside their project partners to provide marine spatial assessments of coral reefs to establish Marine Protected Areas (MPA) whilst assessing MPA effectiveness.They collect data on the ecological status of the village’s reef system and then develop a conservation management with the local stakeholders.

They are working towards a future where the choices today will benefit the generations of tomorrow, where coral reefs will sustainably provide for local communities in the face of growing demand. To achieve this, they recognise that data collection can not occur in isolation and that equal measure must be given to outreach and capacity activities. Through this three-tiered framework, CCC’s extensive volunteer network can ensure that community-based conservation empowers stakeholders, protecting marine resources and building a network of environmental stewards. Through these activities, volunteers will have the opportunity to engage with local school children during our Reef Rangers events where children are taken snorkeling to experience the reef first hand and during our Sea Stars Environmental Award Scheme; teaching school students about the wonders of coral reefs, their importance and ways to manage them. 

Coral Cay Conservation at a glance:


  • Barangay Napantao Conservation

Date of Foundation: 1986

Main Focus:

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Coral Restoration
  • Marine Protected Areas

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes



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