“We are behind schedule in terms of taking action but it’s never too late to get started and you’d be surprised how much difference you can make in a short period of time, when you set your mind to it.”

Clean Oceans International

Clean Oceans International (COI) is a Santa Cruz, California based non-profit. Their mission is to develop practical solutions to plastic pollution through research, innovation, policy discourse, education, and direct action. Their approach addresses all of these concerns. They have assembled a practical method of locating concentrations of floating plastic debris, removing it from the marine environment and converting it into fuel.

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Clean Oceans International at a glance:

Location: Santa Cruz, United States

Date of Foundation: 2009

Main Focus: 

  • Beach Cleanups
  • Education
  • Innovation

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes

Homepage: www.cleanoceansinternational.org 

Contact: info@cointl.org

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Plastic to Fuel

Clean Oceans International is working to prove that profit can transform the plastic pollution landscape in a positive fashion on a global scale. In 2015 COI took delivery of the first portable Plastic-To-Fuel (PTF) system built in the United States to respond to the global crisis.

The Portable PTF systems can generate diesel, gasoline or other petroleum products continuously from specific plastic waste streams and processes most packaging. Conversion is done through thermal-depolymerization using safe clean electrical power.  PTF conversion is clean, quiet and suitable for small-scale installation.

PTF is as applicable in remote communities as in metropolitan areas, providing recycling options locally, which eliminates the need for expensive and carbon intensive transport and handling operations. In a win-win situation waste managers have a quick return on their investment, avoid landfilling plastic and less plastic is loose to enter the environment.

Watch the founder – Jim Holm – explain more about COI’s work and the Plastic-to-Fuel process at his TEDx talk!

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