Child Aid Papua

Child Aid Papua is a charitable non-profit organization that was founded in Switzerland in 2017 and subsequently in Indonesia in 2018.

We firmly believe that every child has a right to an education. That’s why we mainly work with children and adolescents of West Papuan. We also see education as the key to sustainable environmental protection and our projects are aimed at achieving a better future for both humans and the environment.

The charity is systematically pursuing its vision and making an important contribution in West-Papua by increasing the level of education, helping with healthcare programs as well as raising awareness regarding important environmental issues for the local communities in Raja Ampat.

To that end, Child Aid Papua strives to accomplish the following missions in its daily work:

  • Providing unique perspectives for children and young people through education and coaching
  • Sensitizing local children and adolescents to important environmental issues
  • Implementing environmental protection projects with the locals of Raja Ampat
  • Developing and implementing health programs that have a positive impact on the quality of life of children and adolescents

Child Aid Papua at a glance:


  • Sawinggrai Village, Raja Ampat, West-Papua

Date of Foundation: 2017 (Switzerland) / 2018 (Indonesia)

Main Focus:

  • Education

Volunteering Opportunities: No



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Child Aid Papua needs your help!

Save Raja Ampat’s Coral Reefs

Raja Ampat boasts the highest marine diversity on earth. The diversity of species is unique and unparalleled on our blue planet. Unfortunately, this paradise is now in acute danger. Climate change, increasing ocean pollution (2 of the causes of coral bleaching) and ever increasing tourism are threatening the fragile ecosystem. Please help the local children to learn about their stunning environment, to understand why it is so important to protect it, and to give them the means to do so.


We have teachers and materials, but no place to study anymore

Our current education centre (built on wooden stilts and using palm tree leaves for walls and roof) in remote West-Papua (Raja Ampat) is falling apart. Everyday about 30-40 kids aged between 5 and 18 join our classes and projects in order to increase their level of education, including environmental awareness. Unfortunately, the current education centre’s structure is breaking and the roof and walls are leaking. We also have no power for evening classes. We therefore ask your help to build a new place for the kids to learn.

We are raising money for a new education centre in order to ensure that the children from Raja Ampat can continue to improve their knowledge. With your help about 1000 children in West-Papua will have access to classes in literacy, mathematics and English, as well as important environmental education. The remote areas of Papua has some of the poorest education in the world. Let us help provide free classes to our students every single day!

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