“The goal of Asociación Ondine is to enable the Balearic sea to recover its rich biodiversity and to thrive in harmony with a prospering, environmentally conscious and proactive local population.”

Asociación Ondine

Plastic pollution: Project ‘Dos Manos’

Asociación Ondine is establishing a movement against plastic pollution by organizing beach clean ups, a school program and the so-called Plastic free Balearics Programme. The beach clean ups are held around the island of Mallorca. In 2018, more than 2 tons of plastic were collected by more than 1100 volunteers from 11 beaches. The clean ups are not only intended to clean the beaches but to educate the volunteers and to collect valuable scientific data for research purposes. This data is then used to analyze local pollution problems, create specific campaigns and multimedia content to educate and raise public awareness.

Plastic free Balearics

Today, many people want to develop a plastic free lifestyle. Because this wish is difficult to realize in todays convenience oriented world, Asociación Ondine provides interested people with guidance. By doing so, one of the most important goals of the organization can be tackled: to considerably reduce negative human impact on Balearic marine ecosystems caused by locally produced plastic pollution. In collaboration with event organizers, companies and industries the objective of significantly reduced plastic pollution can be achieved step-by-step.

Asociación Ondine at a glance:

Location: Mallorca, Spain

Main Focus: 

  • Plastic free Balearics Programme
  • Projecto Dos Manos (Education and data collection through beach clean-ups)
  • Guidance for people aiming to have a plastic free lifestyle
  • Scientific research

Volunteering Opportunities: Yes

Homepage:  https://www.asociacionondine.org

Contact: info@asociacionondine.org

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Scientific research

So far, the scientific research activities are focused on the Stingray population of the Bay of Palma. To better understand their nursery areas, mating habits and movement patterns, Stingrays were tagged and conserved. The short movie ‘A Ray of light’ tells the full story, you can watch it in full length here:


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