Project Onboarding Form

We’re excited you decided to join us on our platform! To be able to make the onboarding smooth and efficient, we kindly ask you to fill out the following form. We know, filling out the form is burdensome, but we truly believe that it will benefit your project. The more information we have, the more likely it is we can attract potential supporters and donors. The quality of our platform directly depends on the information projects provide us with. And the higher the quality of our platform, the more people will visit it and use it as their primary tool to find a project they want to support. We therefore sincerely thank you in advance for taking the time and effort to become part of our platform!

The purpose of the mandatory information is to allow supporters and donors to find you more easily and get a good idea at first glance of what you’re about. The information will be published on the platform and on social media channels. All other information is not required but helps us get a better understanding of how we could improve our platform and meet the needs of projects. Our goal is to support projects and to do so, we need to know what the pain points are.

At the end of the form you will further find a checklist to help you make sure, you’re all set.

Please fill in the city / village / area you are operating in. You can indicate multiple locations and you can supply us with a GPS geotag-link from google maps.
Please fill in the country you are located in. You can indicate multiple locations. Your project will appear under the indicated region of your country. (e.g. Japan will be shown in Asia)
Indicate the legal entity type your organization is operating under.
Please write about who you are, what you do, what your goals are, milestones, success stories, impact, your motivation etc.
Please indicate if your project is about one or more particular species
Please type in the keywords you usually use for your social media and website posts.
Please indicate the links to your social media pages.
We use your E-Mail to keep you up to date on changes that might affect you as a project, our newsletter, annual reports etc. You can choose to sign up for the newsletter below.
Please indicate the person responsible. We use this information to conduct our onboarding call.
Please indicate some of the current struggles you are facing to help us understand how we can shape our collaboration.
Is there anything on our platform you would improve or that is missing? How could we better help you and other projects? Do you have any other suggestion?