We receive questions about how we work, who stands behind the organisation and how getting involved could enrich your lives and projects more successful. 

Have a look at some of the most common Q&A. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Hydroheart raise funds?
Yes, our main goal is to help projects raise more funds by making it easier for supporters to (micro-) donate towards specific projects and causes through crowdfunding campaigns. Rather than raising funds for unspecified purposes (e.g. annual memberships), we want to focus on raising funds for specific needs (e.g. new diving equipment), thereby allowing donors to directly and visibly take part in the project and its success.
Does Hydroheart deduct a fee from crowdfunding campaigns?
No, Hydroheart will not deduct any commission or other fee from crowdfunding campaigns. All funds will flow to the projects. The crowdfunding platforms we work with may however deduct a commission.
How is Hydroheart funded?
To make sure that all donations reach their intended target projects and to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, Hydroheart is funded independently. Hydroheart relies on its own supporters and donors and  will not deduct any commission or other fee from crowdfunding campaigns.
Who owns Hydroheart?

Hydroheart is a non-profit association under Swiss-law and as such does not have any owners but members instead. The members of the association manage all activities and funds with the goal to fulfil the purpose of Hydroheart which is defined in the bylaws as follows:

“Hydroheart is committed to the global protection and future of our waters, their health, flora and fauna. The association also aims to contribute to a more responsible attitude towards our waters. Hydroheart sees itself as a digital platform. Users of the platform are given access to information and content on specific topics and partner organisations. Furthermore, projects are presented which may also be supported by raising donations. Hydroheart operates on a charitable basis, does not pursue any financial goals, does not strive for profit, is independent of political parties and neutral in its religious denomination.”

Why should projects join Hydroheart?

Being part of Hydroheart is free of any cost for projects and has the following benefits:

  • Additional distribution channel to raise awareness and inform the public about current issues and developments
  • Individual crowdfunding campaigns (if criteria are fulfilled)
  • Access to the Hydroheart community and network of supporters, donors, volunteers, photographers, other projects, etc.
  • Creation of content (articles, posts, short documentaries, etc.) about your project